Sunday, March 28, 2010

Meet CasaBlast -- It's Free and Helps a Good Cause!

How often can you get something for free and help a good cause at the same time? Now you can, with CasaBlast.

CasaBlast is a new service to keep your family organized and connected. It's free to sign up and give them a try. If CasaBlast gets 10,000 people to sign up by the end of the month, the company will donate $10,000 in aid to Haiti -- that's nearly an entire cargo container of much-needed food and supplies.

So what exactly is CasaBlast? CasaBlast provides you with the ability to message everyone in your family at any time, from any PC or mobile phone. It automatically sends out reminders of upcoming events to everyone who needs to know, and it even allows you to create and share lists of chores your kids need to complete when they get home from school. Everyone in the family shares a calendar and communicates as a group from any PC or mobile phone. You can learn more by visiting this TwitterMoms/CasaBlast signup page.

Join CasaBlast Now - Free!
Free Online Family Calendar


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