Friday, March 26, 2010

The Results are In! The "Overs" Have It!

I know you've all been holding your breath on this one, so I thought I'd share the long-awaited results on the great toilet paper debate:

Several weeks ago, we sponsored a toilet paper giveaway with Cottonelle. The big question was: do you set the roll "over" or "under"? I told my story about my shock of finding that my very own mother seemed ambivalent about the over/under issue and rolled however she darn well pleased on whatever day the roll in her house needed changing. To her, over/under didn't matter. I was shocked that I actually could be related to someone who didn't see the difference between over/under! But now I have the results to back me up.

It looks like I am in the majority. According to the poll, 72% of Americans roll over while only 28% roll under. Even Tori Spelling and her husband debated the issue and weighed in: Tori being a sensible "roll over" girl, while her husband, a misguided "under."

OVERall, was kind of a fun way to get the word out about the soft goodness that is Cottonelle. Now there will be no more debate on how "America Rolls"--except for maybe in your own home! For more information and some interactive fun, visit Cottonelle Roll Poll .com!

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