Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, today is my birthday. I am 35. Gulp! Goodness. Where did time go?!? As my husband put it this morning, "You're half way to 70!" Smug little thing he is, younger than me by 9+ months. Ah, well. I don't feel that old. Sometimes, I still feel like the awkward 12 year old that I was long, long ago. Our culture is obsessed with age. We idolize youth and try to keep it for as long as possible. That's too bad, because I feel happier now than when I was 25. More secure, more knowledgeable, more content. Life just keeps getting better, really. And I feel, at 35, fortunate to still be here. At any age, we should not take anything for granted! But I have gray hair. And a few (or several) wrinkles. I feel time going by more quickly the older I get. I have relatives in my family that weren't much older than me when they passed on. All of that kind of freaks me out. But I look to people in my life who are much older than me and doing great things. Like the 70-year-old woman who was taking surfing lessons for the first time when we were in Hawaii -- you go girl! I believe there really is a beauty that comes with age. Unlike Western culture, the Japanese have one word to describe this: sabi. Cool and concise. I like that. And today, maybe I just gained a little bit more sabi. As all of us girls do!

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