Monday, February 16, 2009

Barack Obama is Following Me on Twitter !?!

Last week I received a little surprise in my inbox. Barack Obama, leader of the free world, decided to follow me on Twitter. What?!?! ME??? Why me? Why, I'm--nobody. I can understand if he wanted to follow, say, Hillary Clinton's Twitters (though I bet Bill's would be far more entertaining). But me? I'm a part-time housewife, part-time graphic designer--not Anderson Cooper. I mean, doesn't he have better things to do? Fix the economy? Devise a plan for our nation's healthcare? Play a pick up game of basketball? Befuddled, I logged in to Twitter and discovered that I am but one of 275,060 people he is following. Wow! How does he do it? He really must be superhuman after all! To have the ability to read all of those Twitters! I can barely keep up with my seven! Top that George W. Bush! You didn't even read! Of course, I realize what this is. Mr. President isn't really reading about my trip to the grocery store. Or about how my daughter made me laugh. Or how I drank too much caffeine and began to think my paperclips were doing the can-can across my desk. No, surely he hasn't the time for that. I doubt he even has hired anyone to do that for him. Thousands upon thousands of little Twitters are probably languishing in his account, unread. But for me and probably 275,059 other people, the announcement in our inboxes was a surprise and kind of cool. I mean, how often can you say, "The President is following ME!"

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