Thursday, January 22, 2009

Draw Happiness

Hi Girls! My daughter, at 19 months old, is all into drawing. She's discovered crayons, pens, pencils, pudding--anything you can use with your fingers to draw whatever her little heart desires. She has what we call a "crayon purse"--a little metal 'purse' to hold all of her crayons and broken crayon pieces. She decorated a birthday card for her Grandpa this week and mailed it off, so proud that she could think of something, then apply hand to paper and voila! A mini masterpiece is made. Her favorite thing to do is sit on my lap and ask me to draw things: hearts, circles, triangles, trees, her Papa--anything that comes to mind. Imagine how I was taken aback when I asked her, "What should Mama draw now?" And after some thought on her part, replied, "Draw happiness." Then I paused and thought, "How on earth do I draw that?" Happiness? Did she just say that? Yes she did. And she meant it. I kept thinking....I wanted to get this one absolutely right. But if there's one thing I've learned, it's never to keep a toddler waiting. So I came up with this: I drew a little caricature of her, her Papa and me all huddled together. Then I drew a big heart around us. "There," I said. "Is that happiness?" She nodded and said, "Yes," with a toddler's conviction. And yes, happiness it was. And is.

May your week be a happy one!

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